Building a new house can be a stressful experience.For us, BridgensConstruction and Design took a large part of that stress out of the equation , and we now have fantastic house we are delighted to live in. The attention to detail and quality of build is excellent.Our new ( quite complex ) build started with Ryan offering to undertake a “buildability” review of the Architect’s drawings to ensure we would get the most practical solutions on site. In the long run this saved us time and money.The second step was to assemble a robust estimate which we could rely on, and budget accordingly.Despite the wet weather the build went smoothly and we moved in on the planned date, with the budget intact.We could probably be best described as a “hands on” Client and were very much involved with on site decisions. There was no reluctance from Bridgens Construction about our involvement, and the whole build has benefitted from this co-operative approach. Ryan and his team were always very obliging and easy to deal with.We found the open and honest approach by Bridgens Construction and Design very helpful and satisfying, and would have no hesitation in using Bridgens Construction and Design again should decide to build again…but at the moment we are living in our dream home and very happy to be doing so.

Dennis and Kerry -Matakana


Wrybill 2

Having Ryan and Deb with us from the inception of the build and design of our “forever home” was a pleasurable and exciting experience, something you normally don’t affiliate with a new build.The build was stress free and completely informative. We were treated with care and respect during the entire experience and when we wanted to suggest possible change, we were received with a no problem attitude.We now have an amazing home that has incredible craftsmanship. The final product has exceeded our expectations considering we wanted a new product on the market that Ryan and his team had not used previously-again greeted with enthusiasm.Our journey with Ryan and his team was efficient, guided and fun. We enjoyed the entire process and being part of his vision that he offered along the way, something that is a rarity in his trade.We would gladly embark on another project with Ryan and Deb because it was just so easy and a great experience with a professional and caring team.

Mike and Christy –Point Wells




We approached Deb and Ryan Bridgens to build and help with the interior design of our special ‘home away from home’ because we were so impressed with the property they built for themselves in WybrillWay –which they had decided to sell and we had just missed out on buying!Ryan stepped in to help us -he went out of his way to find us the right piece of land to build on that would best suit the position and design of house we were wanting to buildand, he connected us into the architect he had used to design his home so we could benefit from the work he’d done and could personalise areas of the design to suit our needs. This saved us time and money. In fact the whole process with Ryan and Deb was so effortless as a result trust was established easily and very early on in the relationship –something that was very important to us as we were not locally based therefore needed to be 150% sure we were ‘partnering’ with the right team to deliver the right result based on the level of investment we were making.It became evident to us very early on that this was not just a relationship it was a ‘partnership’ –everyone involved in the project had a genuine vested interest in making sure the home we were building together was of a high calibre, comfortable, durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing inside and out. This degree of care and attention that Deb and Ryan bring to their projects, among other things, is what we believe sets them apart from everyone else.Throughout the build process, 90% of the time we worked remotely with Ryan and Deb and felt really comfortable taking a ‘hands off’ approach –that’s because it was a breeze working together and a really enjoyable journey for us –from startto finish. They understood from the outset what success looked for us and that it wouldn’t always be possible for us to be on site or available to them readily so, they took the lead by being proactive and transparent throughout the entire process ensuring we were kept informed of progress along the way and taking care to involve us at the right time when those big exciting moments happened and when those key decisions needed to be made.We would work with them over email, sharing pictures, ideas and jumped on a call when necessary –it was a truly collaborative process where ideas and options were discussed and then as a team we’d make sure we were all happy with any decisions that were made –we felt this was important. And, if something didn’t feel right to them along the way they would always say so –which we appreciated as this made it possible for us to benefit from their experience and expertise and make those important little tweaks or adjustments along the way that make all the difference to the end product.In summary, we believe what Ryan and Deb have to offer their clients is unique and special -we call this the ‘Deb and Ryan Advantage’. Because when you build a home with Ryan and Deb you’re not just investing in bricks and mortar. You’re investing in a partnership that’s based on trust and in doing so you benefit from the vast experience, learnings and expertise that a team like Ryan and Deb bring to the table.We’re mindful that not everyone who builds a home has a great news story. We’refortunate to say we do and that’s all down to who we choose to partner with. That’s why we have no hesitation in recommending Ryan and Deb Bridgens -the home they created for us is amazing and has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. So much so we’d do it all again with them again in a heartbeat if we could.

Liesa and Greg Hurn–Point Wells



Pohutakawa Bay Kawau Island

We commissioned Ryan and his team to build our holiday retreat on Kawau Island. Building on an island with no infrastructure is challenging. To make the project work you need to be organised, creative and have a real ‘sure-we-can’ attitude. We considered a number of builders, but Ryan impressed us from the start and gave us confidence that our complex project was in good hands. We have not been disappointed. None of the locals believed it possible, but Ryan and his team finished our bach in six weeks! Completely finished, to a standard that has impressed both locals and a number of incredibly critical and fussy people. He used project management software to manage the logistics, and everything happened exactly when his project plan said it would -no mean feat when you have a project that involves barges, helicopters mixed together with wind and tide. His daily phone project updates were both entertaining and informative -which was critical for our peace of mind given that the site location meant that we couldn’t just drop in and have look. We loved working with Ryan and his team Scotty and Tom and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for any project regardless of the complexity!

Drew and Anissa Gilpin